Window Screen Washing: Innovation

  1. The entire unit is made from hand welded aluminum so it will never rust. It’s light-weight and very sturdy.External-2
  2. The VSW is a single unit without extra parts that you have to assemble. Just unfold the legs, hook up the hose, and you’re ready to rock.
  3. If an employee tosses the thing out the back of a pick up, the worse thing they’ll be able to do is bend the brushes closer together. If they break this thing, you’ll know what happened. There will be tire marks, burn marks, or something to indicate that someone just wanted to destroy it.
  4. The water supply line only has a couple of holes in it so that those of you in water restricted areas won’t get in trouble. We’ve experimented with the amount of water needed and, with our design, you just don’t need that much water. But, if you need more water, you can add more holes. Home improvement stores sell a hole punch used for sprinkler systems that works perfectly. A small knife blade also works.
  5. The water shoots into the brushes so you’re not going to get soaked or splashed. If you or your shoes get soaked, you’re doing it wrong.
  6. The brushes put even pressure on the screen so that even the weakest screens shouldn’t get damaged. Some of the units  we deal with are being held together only by dirt.
  7. The unit can be used dry. The brushes will scrub wet or dry. If you do not have access to water, use the brushes to clean the screen. The result won’t be as good as using water, but it will be quicker and easier than trying to clean it by hand.
  8. Screen washing can be a huge add on service. Add $1 per screen if you want to make a little more money on a house. Or make screen washing part of your standard service and set yourself apart from every other window cleaner out there. It’s also a separate stand alone service that people might pay for like gutter cleaning or power washing. Even if someone has a favorite window cleaner, chances are they’re not washing the screens.

Click here for set-up instructions.