Aztec Innovations is a small family owned business.

I’m a professional window cleaner serving the Albuquerque area. I wanted to offer my residential customers a superior service by actually washing the screens.Family-lg

The Southwestern United States gets a LOT of dirt caked onto the screens. We also get a lot of cotton from cotton wood trees, cobwebs from spiders, bird poop from what could be the last remaining pterodactyls, and, occasionally, dead lizards between the window and sill.

But it was mainly the caked on dirt that inspired me to start designing a quick to assemble and easy to use screen washer. I tried mopping the screens, dry brushing the screens with paint brushes, but most of the time the screens looked only marginally better than when I started. Sometimes they even looked worse (with brush lines drawn into the dirt).

So I figured I’d combine all those methods into a screen washer: water + brushes = a clean screen.

The first version was made out of pvc pipe and push broom heads. It worked good but was bulky and had the tendency to not put enough pressure on the screen to get it really clean. It also had a tendency to break.

But it did work.

So after doing research on various materials such as sheet metals (way too flimsy), steel (way too heavy and expensive), I settled on aluminum. I know you’re probably thinking that aluminum is soft and flimsy. But our design is not only strong, it’s very light. Aluminum will also never rust which is really important to a window cleaner.

I hate spending money on something that is flimsy. It’s a law of the universe that everything will eventually wear out and/or break, but I wanted my product to be gorilla proof resistant. We all have bad days and this washer was designed with the occasional fall from the truck bed in mind.

It was designed with the idea that if there were any parts, those parts would get lost. I figured that my cleaners or I would clean a few houses and then find out we lost something important.

I designed this with the idea that products from the United States used to be made with handcrafted quality that would last.

I built the screen washer for my own use and to get a dirty job done quickly and easily. I hope it can help you as well.